About the Seasonal Influenza Disease Burden Estimator

The Seasonal Influenza Disease Burden Estimator aims to help countries better understand their seasonal influenza burden, even when national surveillance data are limited. Using a multiplier-based approach, the tool estimates influenza cases and/or deaths by season for age groups across a country’s population. Users can also easily print or email these estimates to colleagues.

Seasonal influenza is a significant cause of global illness and death. The World Health Organization works with countries to strengthen their national influenza surveillance systems and develop country-level burden estimates. Yet, low- and middle-income countries often face significant barriers related to data collection. Our tool allows countries with limited data to enumerate their cases, hospitalizations, and deaths; this can help country-level decisionmakers prepare for seasonal influenza epidemics and future influenza pandemics more effectively.

This tool was developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, in partnership with the World Health Organization.  

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Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
Principal Investigator and Team Lead: Crystal Watson, DrPH, MPH

Research and Tool Development Team:
  • Sanjana Ravi, MPH
  • Kelsey Lane Warmbrod, MS, MPH
  • Marc Trotochaud, MSPH
  • Natasha Kaushal, MSPH
  • Divya Hosangadi, MSPH
  • Elena Martin, MPH
  • Diane Meyer, RN, MPH
  • Robin Boddie, MA, MSc
Communications, Publications, and Web Team:
  • Prarthana Vasudevan, MS, MSPH
  • Margaret Miller, MSc
  • Julia Cizek
  • Kathleen Fox, MSc, MA, MPH
World Health Organization
World Health Organization Global Influenza Programme Team
  • Julia Fitzner, MD
  • Vanessa Cozza, MD
  • Sarah Hamid, PhD, MPH

Web Tool Design and Development